so i finally got my aga t2 in the mail yesterday and let me tell you i love this thing. however getting it setup did take some time as this was my first rebuildable. rolling the mesh as tight as possible is easier said than done and wish i had ordered extra mesh as well. once i got that ready and i coiled it up i did run into some hot spot issues. i am using 32 kanthal wire for my coil. i was getting readings all over the place from 4.2 to 2.3 and all in between. after fiddiling with the coil for a bit i am holding steady at about 2.3 ohms now. rebuildables are definetly a different world and i find that there is some juice loss as it fires and sputters around the inside of the cap. no leaking issues whatsoever so that is a huge plus for me. i am using it on an evic with the 1.2 software and am finding a good vape around 4 volts up to 4.5. in the higher volt range i do get more dry hits so i tend to stay lower. no matter how many hours of youtube videos i watched it will not prepare you for these beasts. but once it is set up right the flavor and vapor production is amazing. i am finding though you are going to want around 1.5 or lower ohms for even more awesomeness on this tank. taking the time to build this was well worth the wait. it is an art form and will take practice to get it right so make sure you have plenty of mesh and kanthal wire handy. i recommend having a torch handy, a straightend out paper clip, needle nose pliers or clamping tongs/pliers will help you out. i picked up the torch at harbor frieght for aobout 9 dollars butane at walmart for 2.50, the clamping needle type tweesers for 2 bucks at harbor frieght. all that i needed anyway so nothing more than i expected to spend on it. still looking to pick up more kanthal though and mesh. if you decide to get this, which i recommend you do, patience is a virtue.